Zometool – Creator 2

Zometool - Creator 2
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It was originally designed as a system for building zonohedral domes. But the Zometool soon found itself with multiple other uses: recreating crystals and illustrating abstract topics such as cyclotomic polynomials and algebraic integers–and building everything from bridges to stick-style sculptures of Daddy. (Not to mention making some spectacular bubble wands!) Why? Because unlike some construction products of its genre, the creations you build with it actually stay put togethe…

The ideal set for exploring relationships between Platonic solids, tilings, foreshortenings, packings, and more. You and your family will never run out of ideas for fun building; from classic geometry revered by the ancient Greeks to modern hyperspace research, Zometool will help you form a new understanding of the coherent structure of space. Your mind will never be the same again!

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Zometool - Creator 2

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